The International Osprey Foundation

Dedicated to the preservation of the Osprey

If You See Something, Say Something

Protection of ospreys is one of our missions. If you see any activity that threatens ospreys, don’t hesitate to contact the authorities.

City of Sanibel Natural Resources Dept. can be reached at 239-472-3700. The Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission’s Wildlife Alert Reward Program is accessible at 888-404-FWCC. Outside Florida,contact your local law enforcement agency for advice on how to proceed. 

If you have a wildlife emergency wherever you are you can click this link below to search for help in your area

How to rescue a sick, injured or baby raptor

Please note that all wild birds, including raptors are protected under state and federal laws, it is illegal to harm, harass or possess any wild bird. You are allowed to rescue a wild bird but you must get it to a permitted facility as soon as possible. The quicker the bird is in qualified care the better its chances are for release. 

Raptors can be very dangerous, even sick, injured and/or young birds. They have very sharp talons and beaks! BE CAREFUL! 

Please note the location where the bird was found, this information will be necessary in order to return the bird to its home once it has recovered 

For baby raptors, please note the exact location it was found, mark the spot if possible. Look up into the trees to see if the nest and/or adults are there. Every attempt should be made to reunite families. 

Get a box that is slightly larger than the bird. Poke lots of air holes into the sides. Place the box over the bird. Carefully slide something flat under the box in order to contain the bird. 

If you do not have a box, throw a towel or blanket over the bird. BEWARE of their talons and beaks! 

Do not attempt to give the bird food or water. Transport it to a wildlife rehabilitator right away in a dark, warm (room temperature) container with breathing holes in it.

Build yourself a nesting platform

Here is a plan to build your own nesting platform should you feel the need for some 'Tool Time' 

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Nest Removal Policy

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