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Sanibel NestWatchers

Every two weeks in the winter, rain or shine, TIOF NestWatch volunteers monitor each nest in their territory to get a count on how many chicks are in the nest and how many survive and learn to fly. It gives a constant snapshot of the health of this bird and the surrounding waters from which it feeds.

Seven nest watch groups check 132 osprey nests. Some have as many as
17 members, others as few as one. If you would like to join one of the smaller groups, call coordinator Debbie Friedlund at (239) 472-6667.

To apply for a TIOF grant

Please write a letter explaining in detail
what you plan to do, where it will be
done, who will be involved and when
you plan to do the education campaign.
We are always interested in knowing
the estimated cost of the project and
whether it is a one-year or multi-year
project and what the other funding
sources might be. The more you tell us
about your project and your advisors,
the higher the probability of receiving
the grant.
Mail applications to:
The International Osprey Foundation
ATTN: Endowment Fund
PO Box 250
Sanibel, FL 33957-0250
Applications must be submitted by
January 31, 2012.

Our Membership

Life Members
Mr. and Mrs. Porter Goss
Dr. Eugene Majerowicz
Harvey Rothstein
Charles Rubright
Jim Fowler, San-Cap Nature Calendar
Ms. Margaret Smith
Mrs. Carmen Sanchez
Mr. and Mrs. William Alquist
Dwight Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. David Ladd
James and Martha Kannry
Robert and Rita Southern
RJW Foundation
Brenda and Sam Tischler
Don Scott
Tim and Carol Gardner
David Loveland
Dick Preservati
Dr. Jorge and Sofija Galante
TIOF Board
Anne Mitchell, Vice President and Newsletter Editor
Inge Glissman, Treasurer/Secretary
Mark “Bird” Westall, Project Director
Debbie Friedlund, Volunteer Coordinator
Hartley Kleinberg

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